Problem with wireless adapter or access point reddit

Problem with wireless adapter or access point reddit

When i troubleshoot by right clicking the internet icon in windows (8. 1, 10) , a message problem with wireless adapter or access point - fixed is displayed. When the network is disconnected, i can still see the wifi connections in the range, just that i cant connect to it.

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  i wouldnt call that old hardware so it seems unlikely to be hardware compatibility, especially as this problem didnt exist on the creators update. Its not so much a fix, more of a work-around until microsoft fix whatever bug is causing this, though for me this isnt working. The wireless is still not auto-connecting as it should do even with it disabled.

  antivirus software for windows 10 can trigger the problem with wireless adapter or access point errors as well. Some windows 10 users have reported that the free version of mcafee causes the wireless network error. So, in that case, you need to disable your antivirus software to fix the problem with the wireless adapter error message.

Ive started having problems with my laptop not connecting to wifi. Network diagnosis says theres a problem with wireless adapter or access point, and that the issue has been fixed. Sometimes i can connect to wifi for 1-5mins before it kicks me off.

  hi everyone, my wifi keeps getting disconnected every 30-40 minutes or so. Switching on or off from the hardware switch (fn wifi) does not even reboot the wifi adapter on laptop. It shows no network to connect, despite having my wifi router working alright with other laptops mobile phones.

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Problem with wireless adapter or access point reddit

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