Primelase laser machine price

Primelase laser machine price

The primelase is a top pick for any professional laser hair removal machine if your business would like to specialize in the treatment or service offerings of laser hair removal for all skin types, all-year-round, including fitzpatrick i vi, and tanned skin in a shorter time than ever before.

Primelase hr is one of the fastest, safest & most powerful laser hair removal systems on the market, designed for established, high volume clinics to maximise profitability. Offering a combination between ssl (solid state laser) and diode laser, a large spot size, dual work modes & four wavelengths, primelase hr provides the quickest & safest laser.

Primelase excellence is the first laser platform that combines different wavelengths to perform hair removal on all skin types, including tanned skin, on all hair types, including residual hair. Its high versatility enables to make other treatments such as rejuvenation, vascular lesions, acne and pigmented lesions. Because of its high power, i can get much faster better results and virtually painless sessions.

Primelase is one of the fastest medical permanent hair removal treatments on the market. Its advanced diode laser technology removes unwanted hair from the face and body in all phototypes and throughout the year (even in summer and on tanned skin!).

Primelase is the worlds most powerful diode laser for hair removal with twice the power of most other leading brands. This power allows superfast treatment to reduce treatment time and maximum power for permanent hair removal. With its patented cool freeze system, primelase treatment ensures a safe and comfortable treatment for all skin types.

A laser is a device that emits a high intensity, high energy beam of light. The laser that we use are called q-switched ndyag (qs) lasers which derive their name from the neodymium-doped yttrium aluminium garnet crystal used as a laser medium. Ndyag laser has a wave length of 1064nm and has the capability to reach deep layers of skin tissue compared to other types of laser.

However with larger spot sizes its important to remember the laser hair removal machine must have the power to handle a larger spot size. Primelase hr is the most powerful diode laser hair removal system (up to 4800 watts) with 3 different spot sizes (209, 309 and 30x17mm) and various wavelengths (755, 810, 9nm) meaning you can quickly and effectively treat all skin and hair types in clinic.

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Primelase laser machine price

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