Poshmark post office boxes

Poshmark post office boxes

Per usps policy, the maximum combined length and girth of the box used must be no greater than 108. This means that the combined measurement of the longest side and the distance around the thickest part of the box cannot be more than 108. Boxes that are larger than 1 cubic foot may be subject to additional charges.

  as you may know, poshmark uses priority mail shipping labels for all poshmark orders. But what boxes can you use to ship? Were here to clear that up for you! Priority mail boxes. Usps offers a line of free boxes and envelopes for priority mail customers. This packaging can be picked up at many post offices, but keep in mind that at some locations they may be kept behind the counter so youll have to ask for them.

  were always looking for new ways to make poshing easier for our community, thats why we just expanded our range of permitted usps boxes! With poshpost, you can now use the following boxes ship ship hooray! Not to mention, poshpost comes with an unlimited supply of these free boxes.

Easy! If youre in canada, you can register as a small business (for free!) and schedule a pick-up for a small fee on the canada post site.

If you are using a usps box (which we encourage because they are free), they must be priority mail boxes (also includes priority mail flat rate or priority mail regional rate).

Yay you made a sale on poshmark! Now what? Without further adieu, heres a post with some helpful tips on packaging, shipping boxes, and how to prep your shipment before it goes out to the excited recipient! Posh tip 1 make sure youre using the correct box! Boxes labeled priority at the post office are free (woop woop!) and a great option if you dont have packaging materials at.

  posh tip 1 make sure youre using the correct box! Boxes labeled priority at the post office are free (woop woop!) and a great option if you dont have packaging materials at home. They come in a variety of sizes, so its easy to find the one that fits your recently-sold rebecca minkoff bag or lace cocktail dress.

Priority flat-rate boxes are covered under the agreement posh made with usps. It says do not refuse or charge extra postage on the label, and we even have a letter from the postmaster, but unfortunately some usps employees will still give you trouble. Or, if youre not adamant about getting a receipt, just drop it off in the blue bins.

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Poshmark post office boxes

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