Portland maine gluten free donuts

Portland maine gluten free donuts

Gluten free menu, dedicated kitchen space, dedicated fryer 20 more.

Gluten free menu, dedicated kitchen space, dedicated fryer 20 more. Bakery, dedicated gluten free facility, gluten free menu 5 more 2.

Gluten free options at the holy donut in portland with reviews from the gluten free community. Local chains premium download our app more download our app! Find gluten-free products shipping now. 40 ratings dedicated kitchen space, donuts, dessert 7 more.

The holy donut cake pyramid is offered in plain, chocolate, vegan, sweet potato or gluten free donuts with one glaze of your choice. Want some flair? Order it with sprinkles! Become the office hero by pre-ordering 1 or 2 cakes to bring in for your next company meeting! Please call the office for more information.

The holy donut makes delicious donuts with all-natural ingredients. Choose from 16 flavors daily at our 3 locations in the greater portland, maine area.

The holy donut is not a dedicated gluten free facility, but they do serve gluten free donuts that are safe for celiacs. These donuts are prepared in a separate fryer, using separate dedicated gluten free equipment. They also keep the gluten free ingredients separate, and all the gluten free donuts are stored on the top shelf to prevent cross contact.

Guide to the best gluten-free friendly restaurants in portland, maine with reviews and photos from the gluten-free community.

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Portland maine gluten free donuts

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