Pokemon go how to get sinnoh stone

Pokemon go how to get sinnoh stone

  just like the pokemon go shiny list, its going to be a case of letting yourself not get too frustrated by the odds.

The sinnoh stone is obtained from spinning pokestops and gyms.

  the sinnoh stone pokémon go has a protocol that needs to be followed. Below are some of the things that you can do to get the pokémon go sinnoh stone. First way to get the sinnoh stone pokémon go is by playing field research every day. As you know the field research in pokémon go means you have to complete the listed daily tasks.

  pokémon go sinnoh stone - how to get the sinnoh stone for gallade, froslass, tangrowth and much more how to get 17 new pokémon - including gallade, froslass and tangrowth - using a sinnoh stone.

The first way players can get a sinnoh stone is through research rewards. Not just any research qualifies though, in fact none of the regular research will deliver a sinnoh stone at this time. Theres hope that some quests will deliver in the future, but if you want to get a sinnoh stone youll have to complete your 7-day research reward.

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Pokemon go how to get sinnoh stone

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Pokemon go how to get sinnoh stone
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