Pizza hut healthy range

Pizza hut healthy range

As you can see, finding a healthy pizza is usually a difficult task. Pizza hut has their share of greasy, carb-and sodium-filled foods, but their fit n delicious menu offers some much healthier alternatives to your traditional pizza, without sacrificing taste. They use a thinner crust (id still like to see whole wheat though) and less.

Dry rubs, like the cajun rub and lemon pepper rub, add tons of flavor without the added sugars and empty calories.

  if you have a major sweet tooth and cant live without dessert, two small cinnamon sticks from pizza hut only have 160 calories, so feel free to enjoy. While it may not seem like it, pizza hut actually has some options that arent too bad for someone who is trying to be healthier. Remember that with portion control anything can fit into your diet. So if you want pizza, eat pizza if you want a salad, eat a salad.

At pizza hut restaurants, we offer a range of food and dining options to cater for your lifestyle choices - we call this taste freedom, however with freedom comes responsibility and your health and wellbeing is our number 1 priority. In the hut we use lots of fresh ingredients, most of our pizzas are topped with dairy cheese and our menus change on a regular basis.

Pizza hut brings you the best range of sides which will leave you wanting more. The pizza hut sides menu brings to you healthy options like salads or for seafood lovers, add our popular dynamite shrimps. One can indulge in a variety of garlic breads and spice up your usual meals.

Tomato sauce, mozzarella, tuna, red onion and sweetcorn with a drizzle of ranch dressing and topped with rocket. Tomato sauce, mozzarella, spinach, mixed peppers, red onions, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes topped with rocket.

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Pizza hut healthy range

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