Piccell wireless phone number

Piccell wireless phone number

Piccell wireless provides reliable, low-cost cell phones to study-abroad students and world travelers. We are dedicated to providing customers with wireless phones and technology designed to enrich their living overseas and to ensure a secure travel experience abroad.

A short tutorial on what a us virtual number is, how it works and how it can bring you savings and convenience while you are abroad.

The piccell app turns your smart phone into a easy and inexpensive way to staying in touch with friends and family around the world.

We have 2 basic piccell wireless flip phones from when daughters studied in rome. I know that i can order spanish sim cards through piccell wireless, for about 29 each, and then we get charged a nominal fee per minute of use. Not really understanding this topic all too well, is it possible to buy another brand of sim card from a shop in spain.

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Piccell wireless phone number

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