Phobio mac trade up

Phobio mac trade up

Trade in your eligible mac and get credit toward the purchase of a new one.

To create a trade-in with our online tool, youll simply provide some basic information to identify the model and assess the physicalfunctional condition of the device you wish to trade-in. Eligible devices for this trade-in program include select 2010 and newer macs imacs (must be able to power on) iphones.

Please share your feedback, ideas, and suggestions on how we can make the mac trade-in program even better for customers. Note this feedback will be reviewed by phobio and apple representatives.

  did you use phobio as part of apples trade-in program or used them independently to attempt to get a credit? If the former, you would have used it when you initially ordered your new macbook air. If so, then you will need to contact phobio for the answer to your question.

Trade in your eligible mac and get credit toward the purchase of a new one. Apple trade in trade in your device - phobio trade status.

  so, i posted my review on trustpilot, here, and site jabber and followed it up with a quick note to their supportphobio. About two hours later i get a mysterious 800 number call on my phone and it is phobio support! To say the least the call started out a little cold from my end, but i quickly realized they were calling to apologize for a mistake.

I get an email from apple on 917 stating that the device has been evaluated, and that the trade-in offer had been reduced to 240 due to a damaged housing. I contact apple support via chat, and they tell me that i need to call phobio, as they handle all device trade-ins. They give me the phobio customer service line, and i call them.

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Phobio mac trade up

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