Pex stub out support

Pex stub out support

From telescoping stout brackets for stub-outs to pop-up in-slab pipe supports, holdrites durable and versatile pex pipe supports are designed to maximize on-the-job productivity. The supports are engineered as a safer, more efficient solution to makeshift methods, such as wood block supports or other field-devised techniques.

  learn how to support stub-outs with pexrite pipe supports ideal for residential and commercial applications.

Pexrite is a professional system that is versatile, fast & easy to install, eliminates in-wall fittings and concealed joints, and secures the tubing from unwanted forward or backward movement. For over fifteen years, holdrite has been the expert in pioneering and producing innovative pex stub-out support products for plumbing contractors,.

Many of these versatile in-wall pipe supports are also compatible with cpvc or copper stub-out methods and can be used with all pex manufacturers. Holdrite in-wall pex pipe supports make installation easy in other ways by minimizing concealed joints. Providing 360-degree outside turning radius in pexrite brackets.

Pex stub-out bend support (2-pack) provides ultimate stability for stub-outs for stop valve connections to plumbing fixtures.

The holdrite pex pipe 90 degree stub out bend support is the perfect solution creates secure stub-outs for stop valve connections for your household plumbing fixtures. The bend supports are used in conjunction with the holdrite bend support bar 103-18-lw (sold separately) insert the bend support into the bar to create a stable and secure stub-out to connect supply stop valves.

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Pex stub out support

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