Patton boot allen edmonds

Patton boot allen edmonds

  grey patton cap-toe boot with dainite rubber sole by allen edmonds. Limited time offer for new collectors! Stores account bag (0) mens dress shoes & clothing.

  i have a more upscale pair of allen edmonds boots for special occasions, but these patton boots are definitely my new favorites! Date published . Rated 5 out of 5 by todd from patton lace ups gorgeous pattons. The boots i received (9d) are well constructed and the chromexcel leather is of higher quality.

  tan & black patton cap-toe boot with dainite rubber sole by allen edmonds.

  factory 2nd - patton cap-toe boot with dainite rubber sole is rated 3. Rated 1 out of 5 by dl from should have been a reject rather than a factory second i have worn allen edmonds shoes all my working life.

Free shipping and returns on allen edmonds patton boot (men) at nordstrom. Weathered leather amplifies the vintage aesthetic of this cap-toe boot set on a premium traction sole. Allen edmonds has been making shoes in america for nearly 100 years using fine leathers, a 212-stepcrafting process and 360 goodyear welt construction to ensure a high-quality product, every time.

Allen edmonds is an american shoe manufacturing and retail company that was established in 1922. They continue to create quality shoes at reasonable prices, and are one of the few remaining companies with shoes that are made in america. Come and share your shoes, upcoming sales, and join the discussion around this classic american company.

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Patton boot allen edmonds

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