Pablo escobar younger brother

Pablo escobar younger brother

  luis fernando escobar gaviria was born in rionegro, colombia in 1958, the son of abel de jesus escobar echeverri and hermilda gaviria berrio he was the younger brother of pablo escobar and roberto de jesus escobar gaviria. Luis fernando was not involved with his brothers business, and he instead focused on getting an education.

Roberto escobar gaviria, was born in medelln, colombia in 1941 beyond his famous surnames and outstanding career in the service of crime he was a prominent participant in road cycling events in his native colombia in the mid-sixties. Roberto reached the peak of his performance as a high-level athlete by being part of the team that got the third.

Com - after spending 10 years in jail and blinded by a letter-bomb, roberto escobar - pablos older brother and the accountant of the no.

Also known as, sebastian marroqun, juan was born in the year 1978 in medellin, colombia. The killing of pablo escobar was done by police after locating and making a call to juan pablo escobar by another famous gangster. Then they moved ahead to argentina, where they acquired a citizenship.

  credit anastasios papapostolou greek reporter roberto escobar gaviria, the older brother of the infamous colombian drug kingpin pablo escobar, opened up in an exclusive interview with the greek reporter which was held at one of pabloss last residences overlooking medellin.

Escobar incs co-founder roberto escobar older brother of the late pablo escobar and ceo olof gustafsson hope to build a technology company that rivals samsung.

  being the daughter of the king of cocaine is not easy, and nobody knows it better than manuela escobar, the daughter of the legendary colombian druglord pablo escobar. Manuela, being the only daughter of escobar and the younger of his two (legitimate) children, was the apple of her fathers eye but also had a tumultuous life after her fathers death.

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Pablo escobar younger brother

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