P&f chart patterns

P&f chart patterns

  updated jun 25, 2019 point-and-figure (p&f) charts have been a part of the technicians toolbox for more than a century. They were used by charles dow in the late 19th century, and victor.

  a point-and-figure (p&f) chart plots price movements as a series of stacked xs or os that do not take into consideration the passage of time.

Analyze p&f chart for any stock from nasdaq, amex, nyse, lse, tsx or forex. Specify ticker name, box size, reversal amount and hit ok to view the point and figure chart. It is easier to recognize double tops, double bottoms, head and shoulders chart patterns, and supportresistance levels using p&f chart. You will be able to screen stocks by p&f criteria, setup trade alert or backtest a trading.

Bullish and bearish triangles - these patterns resemble triangles in bar charts, but a basic p&f signal is required for confirmation. Bull and bear traps - these patterns are exactly what they sound like. A bear trap suckers the sellers before rallying, while a bull trap suckers the buyers before declining.

P&f pattern alerts whenever common chart patterns appear on the right side of our point & figure charts, we will display an alert with the name of that pattern near the top of the chart. Members can also create custom scans that find stocks with these patterns.

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P&f chart patterns

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