Outward remittance axis bank

Outward remittance axis bank

Axis bank forex offers send money abroad or the international fund transfer to any bank account abroad. The send money abroad feature has efficient transfers wherein it allows customers to make outward remittances in over 100 currencies across 150 countries.

The scheme can be used for outward remittance in the form of a demand draft in the resident individuals own name or in the name of the beneficiary with whom he intends putting through the permissible transactions at the time of private visit abroad, against self-declaration of the remitter in the prescribed format.

As part of its remittances service, axis bank offers inward remittances, outward remittances and online inward remittances. These remittance services allow the customer to make transactions in 14 different currencies including usd, gbp and eur.

Customer shall mean all axis bank customers who are eligible to do outward remittance through internet banking.

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Retail outward remittance application cum a2 form for purchase of foreign exchange axis bank shared (sha) beneficiary details name beneficiary country address correspondent bank beneficiary ry address beneficiary banks country beneficiary account beneficiary bank swift code sort code (for bsb code (for remittance to australia).

Are you looking for an easy and hassle-free solution to send money abroad? Axis bank brings you axis forex online.

You can use axis banks remit money platform to transfer funds from the united states, united kingdom, canada, australia, singapore and euro zone to india. It is not necessary for the sender or the receiver of funds to hold an axis bank account for using remit money.

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Outward remittance axis bank

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