Ooma unlimited international calling

Ooma unlimited international calling

For 12 months when you make a one-time purchase of ooma telo for 99. This includes unlimited minutes to landlines in over 60 countries and to mobile phones in over 10 countries.

With ooma, you can keep in touch with your friends and family virtually anywhere in the world for next to nothing. Make low-cost international calls from your mobile phone with the ooma mobile app. International calling is purchased from your my ooma account.

You can choose a 500-minute plan or an unlimited plan depending on how much international calling youre planning on doing each month. These plans allow you to use your ooma phone or your ooma mobile app to call landlines to over 60 countries around the world for less than a penny per minute.

The ooma world plan also gives you unlimited calling to landlines in 60 countries and mobile phones in 10 countries for 17. The ooma world plus plan expands your international access to landlines in 70 countries and mobile phones in 40 countries for just 25.

Ooma is a popular choice for international calls to australia from the u. Affordable dialing options range from basic service with low per-minute rates to international dialing plans with unlimited monthly calls. With ooma, phone conversations have crisp acoustics and crystal-clear audio due to the companys purevoice technology.

Yet oomas international dialing plans offer even more savings with unlimited calling to many global locations.

For even more savings, ooma offers comprehensive calling solutions with international dialing plans that have unlimited calling to many global locations.

The ooma world plans may give you unlimited calling to landlines in switzerland, but you can also get free calling with your ooma telo. Thats because all ooma-to-ooma calls are 100 free regardless of how long you talk. So if your mom in zurich is also an ooma telo user, you can speak for hours and hours and it wont cost a penny.

Ooma telo app users can save up to 90 on international rates when calling through the app. If you dial international numbers frequently, you can make unlimited calls to more than 60 countries for only 17. Check your voicemail, update ooma account preferences and more, all within the app.

2000 mins to call up to 5 globetmbayanphone numbers - only 14. 500 mins to call up to 5 globetmbayanphone numbers - only 4.

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Ooma unlimited international calling

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Ooma unlimited international calling

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