Obs encoder overload

Obs encoder overload

Another solution to fix the issue that obs encoder overloads is to adjust the encoder preset. Step 1 open obs, go to the settings dialog, and head to the output tab. Check enable advanced encoder settings and set encoder as software (x264).

  so, you can set a faster preset to fix obs encoding overloaded issue.

  encoding overloaded in obs studio one of the most common issue which users face is where they see the message encoding overloaded when they are streaming their screensgames. This issue primarily occurs when your computer is unable to process both the game and the streaming properly, hence falling short of the cpu power.

If you have adjusted the encoder preset but obs encoder still overloads, you have to change the encoder directly. Click and expand the encoder option and set the hardware encoder based on your graphics card. According to our research, nvenc is better than amf, quicksync and x264.

  however, obs cannot work normally due to the obs encoding overloaded issue. When you are streaming gameplay or other videos with obs, a message pops up saying encoding overloaded! Consider turning down video settings or using a faster encoding preset. Meanwhile, your broadcasting video becomes freezing and stuttering.

In short, obs encoder overload issue means that your settings are too high for your computers hardware to handle. Your computer cant encode video fast enough to maintain the settings you have set. In that case, obs will prompt encoding overloaded! On its status bar.

  the error mainly occurs because your computer does not have enough hardware to run the obs software. Therefore as a result, while streaming your favorite game, the obs shows an encoding overloaded obs error. Moreover, if you use higher resolution quality, then chances of your computer to overheat increases.

  after i built my new streaming computer i started using the new nvenc encoder to livestream instead of my cpu, however, i kept getting the error encoder over.

  i) encoding overloaded! Message is displayed all most of the time. Ii) cpu (8 - 14) , while not recording, and (36 - 66) while recording. Iii) scenes 1 scene , named scene iv) sources 3 sources , named respectively teamfortress2 , payday2 , minecraft.

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Obs encoder overload

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