No nonsense trading

No nonsense trading

Scroll down, and work your way up to the reversal trading blog post. There is no blog for the dirty dozen, you will have to watch the video for that. This will give you information nobody else has had the chance to see.

Im dave, i live in japan and thank you for visiting the youtube channel and my site www.

My website is here to help you build an algorithm trading system and make a profit. It is based on the no nonsense trading method of trading forex, oils, metals and indices. I want to make sure that everyone who chooses to trade forex, metals and other financial instruments has the best chance at making a living at it.

The only way out of this is a no-nonsense approach that tells you things nobody out there is saying, and shows you things nobody else is doing. I created this site in 2018, along with the no nonsense forex youtube channel, and the forex q&a podcast.

No nonsense atr is a tool designed to help the no nonsense forex traders backtest strategies and trading in real time.

This is one of the largest and most loved forex trading channels on youtube, and there are good reasons for this.

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No nonsense trading

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