Niagara falls discovery pass

Niagara falls discovery pass

Experience the power of niagara falls up close when you ride the world famous maid of the mist boat tour or stand under the bridal veil falls in the cave of the winds. Learn more about niagara falls legends and daredevils at the niagara adventure theater, visit the aquarium of niagara to meet new aquatic friends from under the sea and get hands-on at the discovery center.

As of january 1, 2021 due to covid-19 restrictions, sales of the niagara usa discovery pass are on hold until further notice.

The niagara usa discovery pass includes admission to the following attractions. Niagara adventure theater aquarium of niagara cave of the winds tour niagara gorge discovery center maid of the mist boat tour enjoy all these attractions with a niagara usa discovery pass and save on the prices. Purchase of the discovery pass includes one-day of unlimited rides on the niagara scenic trolley. Included trolley coupon can be redeemed for one day of unlimited rides.

The niagara falls explorer pass classic includes two attraction admissions and daily parking passes, making your visit easy and hassle-free.

  the discovery pass is well advertised once you reach the area of niagara falls by both hotels and locals. I beleive this to be so because if you didnt buy all of the features in a package, people may be less likely to spend money on each attraction individually.

  niagara falls discovery pass - excellent value - review of niagara falls, niagara falls, ny - tripadvisor.

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  shame on new york for allowing one of our national and state treasures to look the way niagara falls does! While the natural beauty of the falls does not change, the surrounding area is horrible. Entering into niagara falls, you will be greeted by overgrown grass and garbage that litters the roadway.

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Niagara falls discovery pass

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