New economy movement nem

New economy movement nem

  nem stands for new economy movement and is the worlds first smart asset blockchain. While it started out as a hard fork of another open source cryptocurrency and payment network platform (nxt), the nem development team later decided to rebuild the system from scratch.

Nem coin was rolled out on march 31st, 2015, and emerged as an entirely community-centric cryptocurrency. The new economy movement team, also known as xem, or nem, envisions developing a new economy that relies on decentralization, solidarity, and financial freedom. The ideas underlying this platform and coin has gained a lot of traction.

  fueled by a theme known as the new economy movement, the singapore-based non-profit organization nem foundation is on an ambitious quest to promote their blockchain technology throughout the world. Nem sprouted via an alpha version in june of 2014, before eventually pursuing an official beta launch in of march 2015.

The new economy movement (nem) evolved from the nxt blockchain currency and payment platform in 2015. Designed to be a smart asset blockchain that manages assets and data easily, faster, at lower cost, and more scalable. Xem has the twelfth-highest market cap of 450 million and a circulating supply of 9 billion.

New economy movement (xem), or nem, was launched in march 2015. The cryptocurrency is down 97 from the january 2018 all-time high of us2.

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New economy movement nem

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