Nepal rastra bank dollar exchange rate

Nepal rastra bank dollar exchange rate

The exchange rate of indian currency in nepal and vice versa are provided below exchange rate of nepalese rupees nrs 100 inr 62.

  nepal rastra bank does not offer the interbank rate but instead adds a margin to it, which makes the foreign currency transaction more expensive for you. Before using nepal rastra bank for your travel money needs, make sure to know the current interbank exchange rate. That way, youll be able to calculate fx losses on the currency conversion.

Apart from the official exchange rates provided by the nepal rastra bank exchange rate above, you can also see the exchange rate from one more source below. The open market exchange rates are provided and fixed by nepal rastra bank, the central bank of nepal. The bank supervises other banks and financial institutions in nepal and guides the nepali monetary policy. The exchange rates are solely provided for the purpose of the bank.

The exchange rate provided above is taken from nepal rastra bank, the exchange rate may vary from bank. Now you can search previous money exchange rate in nepal daywise. We have day to day exchange rate from to .

Nepali foreign exchange rates for today is available for indian rupee, u.

Foreign exchange rates for nepal also known as forex for nepal contains currency conversion rates for us dollar, euro, british pound, swiss franc, australian dollar, canadian dollar, singapore dollar, japanese yen, chinese yuan, saudi arabian riyal, qatar rial, thai baht, uae dirham, malaysian ringgit, s. Korean won, swedish krona, danish krone, hong kong dollar, kuwaiti dinar and bahraini dinar.

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Nepal rastra bank dollar exchange rate

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Nepal rastra bank dollar exchange rate
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