National bank of malawi interest rates

National bank of malawi interest rates

National bank of malawi plc wishes to advise its valued customers and all stakeholders that the reference rate for march 2021 will be at 11. The banks deposit interest rates will be as follows savings deposit rates.

National bank of malawi plc wishes to advise its valued customers and all stakeholders that the reference rate for february 2021 will be at 12.

National bank of malawi plc today is the leading bank in malawi. It is a product of the experience and expertise of barclays bank and standard chartered bank with a network of 33 service centres. National bank of malawi plc is the largest commercial bank in malawi in terms of asset base, as well as being the most efficient and profitable.

National bank of malawi plc would like to advise that the following deposit interest rates will be applicable effective, 11th february 2019 product interest rate current account 0. 10 (on credit balances of mk 20,000,000 and above) deposits savings bond 6.

82 percent from 20, reaching an all time high of 75. 53 percent in february of 2001 and a record low of 12 percent in november of 2020.

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National bank of malawi interest rates

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National bank of malawi interest rates

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