Najarian brothers options book

Najarian brothers options book

  follow the smart money by jon and pete najarian is for options traders of all levels. It explains the way the najarian brothers approach trading and why theyre so successful.

How we trade options pdf (building wealth, creating income, and reducing risk) by jon drj & pete najarian. E4ts suggestion for you options for beginners- don fishback.

  the najarian brothers beginners options course will teach and review the core concepts and fundamentals of trading options so you can make and protect your money in.

Follow the smart money is a book that attempts to educate investors on opportunities, namely stocks and options, that even the best traders of wall street are currently watching. With decades of experience, the najarian brothers deem that their proprietary system can mimic that of the formers.

Follow the smart money demonstrates how jon najarian, pete najarian, and our team of analysts use proprietary technology to spot unusual trades in the market, determine if its meaningful, and decide how to trade it. Jon & pete do not trade from all unusual option activity identified.

They sold to open 1,000 of each put and call september 18 contracts at the 3015 strike price to collect a total of 47 million in premium. The player stays profitable if amzn stays in between a price range of 2,500-3,500.

I got curious about them, how they made their 25 (pete) and 50 (jon) millions, respectively. Their bio says they were running mercury trading, a market-making firm at the chicago board options exchange (cboe).

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Najarian brothers options book

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