Nabtrade high interest rate

Nabtrade high interest rate

Nabtrade high interest account open a nabtrade high interest account today to receive our competitive variable interest rate of 0.

At nabtrade we want to help you maximise your investment returns. Thats why our high interest account pays a variable interest rate of 0. On balances up to 1m - no catches, no bonus terms, just a consistently high interest rate. On higher balances lower interest rates will apply to the total balance.

If you want to earn competitive interest on cash funds that youre waiting to invest in the stock market, nabtrades high interest account is such an account. A for deposits of up to 1 million, no minimum deposit requirements and no ongoing account fees.

Au or for general enquiries contact us on enquiriesnabtrade.

Interest rate maximum rate govt deposit guarantee high interest account 0.

At nabtrade we want to help you maximise your investment returns. Thats why our high interest account pays a variable interest rate of 2. For balances up to 1,000,000 no catches, no bonus terms, just a consistently high interest rate (on higher balances lower rates apply).

View interest rates, fees and charges for nab personal and business products including home loans, credit cards and more.

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Nabtrade high interest rate

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