N64 s video cable pal version

N64 s video cable pal version

S-video support on pal n64s has always been confusing, as i dont believe it was ever officially supported by nintendo.

  getting acceptable picture quality from your nintendo 64 console on modern tvs can be a challenge.

No n64 anywhere has native rgb without mods and only certain ones can be modded for it. And s video exists in pal territories through scart cables as scart cables (if the right pins are available) supports composite av, component av, rgb, and s video. A scart cable is the only way pal gamers can get s video from the n64.

S-video all ntsc n64s output s-video without a modification (most pal consoles have issues with s-video and some dont work at all). While s-video isnt as good as rgb, its a huge step up over composite video. Heres some s-video cables that were good quality retro-access ntsc coax s-video cable.

Built in resistor and the display will not produce a washed out or over-bright image for pal console specifications for this item.

  the washed out colors is what i read people calling it when using a (ntsc) s-video cable on a pal n64. It just looks really bad (and a pal s-video cable doesnt exist). With the mod i actually get the proper colors, but only without the resistors. Its with all the s-video cables i have, but not with the composite cables.

The original pal snes (snsp-001) also known as the fat version outputs rf, composite video, s-video and rgb video. The best video output for the pal snes is rgb video, but using a sync on luma aka luma sync version of the rgb scart cable , which gives a better picture then the regular sync over composite video, which is how most rgb scart cables are wired.

Recently ive ordered some cables from consolegoods and i want to tell my experience to anyone who has doubts about the page. You have to write an email to rob saying what you want and your address.

  thanks for watching! This is a quick review comparing composite ( three colored plugs) to an s video cable.

  in this video i show you how to get the best possible video output from an unmodded pal n64.

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N64 s video cable pal version

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