Mybitcointube scam or legit

Mybitcointube scam or legit

Com provide those users with an instant cash incentive to work with the video marketers. They portray themselves as an up-and-coming platform similar to youtube, but pays out in bitcoins instead of us dollars.

Com review! Is legit or scam? This is a review of mybitcointube, one of the 2019 registered site which claims to reward users for watching youtube videos.

  mybitcointube is a platform where advertisers can advertise their youtube videos for other members to watch in exchange for cash. Advertisers may also advertise banners, but the videos are the main source of income here.

  mybitcointube is a gpt or get-paid-to advertising platform that pays you to watch videos and interact with advertisers.

  hey guys, heres my review on mybitcointube, it this program a scam or legit. The program is claiming you can get paid to watch youtube videos.

I just made new deposit on mybitcointube to buy more ad packs, because with this paid videos i will return investment in 30-40 days with premium account. Also i tried to make new deposit and i got btc in seconds on the explorer site is full legit now, but still dont have money to return all money who lost there.

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Mybitcointube scam or legit

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