Musicoin wallet peers

Musicoin wallet peers

1 supports the musicoin hardfork scheduled for block 2,222,222. All users of previous versions are required to upgrade to this version to avoid loss of funds and transacting on an alt chain, which may have potentially harmful consequences.

95 of internet users dont have access to music online, unless they subscribe to an expensive and closed streaming press j to jump to the feed.

The wallets backup wallet button is designed to show you where your keys lie. Finding peers ideally, you shouldnt have issues finding peers with go-musicoin 2. However, if you still encounter issues, you can manually add them via the add peers button on the wallet.

New buttons now you can browse through the latest boot nodes from within the wallet itself, by clicking the add peers button. In order to upgrade to the new version of the musicoin client, you could replace the application directory (the directory that has the executable). The chain keys are not contained within the folder, so there is no worry of having to worry about them getting deleted.

Mining musicoin gives you the chance to stay in touch with your favorite musicians and you can always show your appreciation by giving feedback and sharing songs. Take part in the revolutionizing of the value of musical activity. This coin implements decentralized, peer-to-peer method of work. By mining it, you will become part of a blockchain, supporting the music industry.

  to restructure this digitized proliferation of music and promote fair payouts to the artists, the musicoin platform was born. It is powered by the blockchain technology which in turn harbors a decentralized, peer-to-peer, platform.

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Musicoin wallet peers

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Musicoin wallet peers

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