Mt4 to sierracharts bridge

Mt4 to sierracharts bridge

Do you know if this exists ? Even if it needs to be paid for 0 x thank you 092944 2. Sierra chart engineering - posts 95143 ending date no, we are not aware of this. Sierra chart support - engineering level your definitive source for support.

Sierra chart is a professional trading platform that supports a multitude of trading services, price sources, and broker apis. The sierra chart bridge allows to retrieve data and place trades via sierra chart, similar to the mt4 bridge. The sierra chart bridge is not included in the zorro distribution.

I would also be interested to link sc soreadsheet trading to metatrader 4. I actually had the same issue and setup sierra to mt4mt5 bridge. Solution is cloud based, but you need to keep sierra up and running (with study on chart you want to copy from) and mt4mt5 up and running (ea running.).

So, ive changed my mind to copy futures trading (stage 5 trading via advantage futures as fcm) via sc to mt4 (for social trading) and would rather dupplicate jforex as master, to slave sc for futures mt4 (i already own the tool to bridge jforex to mt4 so no need fxcraft jforex copier fxcraft) if a programmer is interested to brainstorm about the custom work of transmitting order routing.

  is it the right forum to hire a developper ? To my surprise, jforex from dukascopy suits my needs the best after 13 years of platform trials. The controls and many details (like unrejected partial fills on oversized orders versus leverage set or the ability to merge positions both awesome in terms of practicality for management) just turn my manual trading into an effortless breathe.

(is there a packaged bridge to mt4 for orders? Or is there a way to output orders created in sim to an external system?) know, and this is not something we would help with anyway because it would not be reliable. Sierra chart support - engineering level your definitive source for support. If possible please keep your questions brief and to the point.

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Mt4 to sierracharts bridge

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Mt4 to sierracharts bridge

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