Mt4 stack open orders

Mt4 stack open orders

I am trying to simultaneously open multiple trades in mql4 with an expertadvisor or script. However when i drag the ea to a chart, it only opens one order, not the the second (or third, fouth, etc) extern double lots 0.

An important step when running an expert advisor is checking for existing orders. Here we will see how to scan for open orders using the mql4 coding language. Assume you are programming an expert advisor that places a buy order if the price is above a simple moving average of period 25.

  in the terminal window, you can see your open orders and current balance in the trade tab. With right-click on the trade in the terminal or in the chart, you can select to close, modify the order or to add a trailing stop. In the terminal you can also see when commissions or swap rates are applied, the stop loss and take profit that you have set, the time of the order, order number, and symbol.

If playback doesnt begin shortly, try restarting your device.

If we open a trade, it will automatically open multiple trades as we wish (so-called n positions). Regarding the first trade, we can set up by hand or by ea as an option along with setting up stop loss (so-called s1) and take profit (so-called t1) as schedule.

  restart the mt4 terminal run the indicator by double-clicking its name in the mt4 navigator check the allow dll imports box and click ok go through the authorization procedure click the authorize link that will appear after you first start the indicator, and sign in to your account the indicator will be displayed on the chart.

The order must be previously selected by the orderselect () function.

Csv,filewritefilecsv,t) if(handle0) return(0) write header.

  in order to figure out whether the trade is open or not, use the following int ticket your ticket from ordersend in global variables bool isorderexist(const int ticket) if(orderselect(ticket,selectbyticket)) return(orderclosetime()0) else int errorgetlasterror() return(error!4108 && error!4051) .

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Mt4 stack open orders

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