Mt4 server license cost

Mt4 server license cost

An mt license can be purchased, in which case you will be the owner of unique security. But you need to consider that it is not necessarily a cheap option buying a license will cost you at least 100,000.

Like many business decisions, costs should be the primary factor in determining which option is best. When deciding between a full mt4 license or a white label, it is actually quite an easy choice. The reason this decision is easier than others is that a full mt4 server license costs far more than a white label.

White label mt4s are issued by holders of the full mt4 license. For each white label, metaquotes charges an upfront fee of 5,000, and a monthly support fee of 1,750 a month (1,000 for desktop mt4 and 750 for mobile mt4. ) the amount of control given to white label license holders is entirely up to the holder of the full license.

  the brokerage pays an upfront fee of 100,000 for a full license and coughs up an extra sum of around 15,000 per month for hosting, bridging, hiring.

  i guess i will have to contact my hardware manufacturer and see if they can supply a 2019 oem licence at a reduced cost as my server is only few months old and they should have made 2019 available at the time i was purchasing it. Verify your account to enable it peers to see that you are a professional.

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Mt4 server license cost

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Mt4 server license cost

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