Mt4 label corners coordinates

Mt4 label corners coordinates

There is a number of graphical objects for which you can set a chart corner, relative to which the coordinates are specified in pixels.

For objlabel, objbitmaplabel and objrectanglelabel, you can set the chart corner, relative to which the object anchor point is positioned. The corner is set using the objpropcorner object property which can take one of the four values of enumbasecorner id.

There is a number of graphical objects for which you can set a chart corner, relative to which the coordinates are specified in pixels. These are the following types of objects (in brackets object type identifiers are specified) label (objlabel) button (objbutton) bitmap label (objbitmaplabel) edit (objedit).

For the fixed-sized objects objbutton, objrectanglelabel, objedit and objchart, properties objpropxdistance and objpropydistance set the position of the top left point of the object relative to the chart corner (objpropcorner), from which the x and y coordinates will be counted in pixels.

To set a line angle (objpropangle property) use objectset() function.

A suggested workflow create an extent polygon from your current extent, convert polygon to points, generate xy or latlon coordinates in a new field(s) then label those points based on that field. In a measured grid, you can label corners which in this case is only the grid line closest to the corner, not the actual corner point.

  the objectcreate(text,objlabel,0,0,0 0) function is a styled text object that you can put in any corner and at any coordinates you want.

  if you dont want to have a leader on your coordinate label, you can skip this step. Select all the objects, and define the center as an insertion point. Activate open in block editor on the lower left of this dialog.

With the options available, you can position the mt4 candle timer just about anywhere you want on your chart. As you can see from the screenshot above, there are five main choices any of the four corners, or in line with the price. You can also fine tune these positions by entering values for x and y coordinates.

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Mt4 label corners coordinates

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