Mt4 g3 aluminum upgrades

Mt4 g3 aluminum upgrades

One of the main vehicles that we use during bigsquidrc demonstrations is the thunder tiger mt4-g3 monster truck. The mt4 is a great demo vehicle- it goes huge on the jumps and is generally tough as nails.

Summitlink aluminum upgrade thunder tiger mt4 g3 chassis bracket and thunder tiger gpm racing thunder tiger mt4 g3 aluminum front knuckle arm 1 pair pro line slipstream body thunder tiger mt4 g3 by landoftheeaglerc gpm racing thunder tiger mt4 g3 aluminum rear shock tower orange tts1030 rc screwz stainless steel screw kit for thunder tiger 18 mt4 g3 rtr monster trucks thunder tiger mt4 g3.

Upgrade the thunder tiger mt4 g3 with aluminum parts such as rpm arms bumpers c hubs chassis gears knuckles servo mounts shock towers mip drive shaft to increase performance and steering.

18 mt4-g3 ideal for replacing original plastic parts for more strength. Gpm rc parts are made from solid blocks, giving them improved strength characteristics.

  thunder tiger mt4 g3 on an off-road track, box stock, no music - duration 516.

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Mt4 g3 aluminum upgrades

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Mt4 g3 aluminum upgrades

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