Mt4 close when price rosses ma

Mt4 close when price rosses ma

  spread mode the ea will close all open orders across all charts corresponding to the ea chart symbol when ma price falls between the bid-ask spread. In this condition, bid is lower than the ma price and simultaneously ask is higher than the ma price.

This ea is closing open positions (longshort) if the price hits the other side of the moving average (belowabove). It basically works like a stop loss, without the need to trail it manually, while price and moving average fluctuate.

After that, the list of all opposite positions will appear in the lower part of the window. One has to select an opposite position in this list, and after that the close. Only one of two opposite positions with different amounts of lots to be traded will remain.

If traders use the fx algotrader proximity alert function within this tool they can also get advanced warning of a potential ma cross or rejection as price action comes within a specified range of a defined moving average. In many cases moving averages can act as either support or resistance so traders can benefit from being alerted when price is close to a critical level.

  dimi13smd, use a moving average and when price closes above the moving average the ea should be buying and when price closes below the moving average sell. You need to match the moving average settings on your chart to match the settings in the ea.

The istochastic () technical indicator can be calculated in two ways using either only close prices or high and low prices. To select a necessary variant for calculation, specify one of the values of the enumstoprice enumeration.

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The fx algotrader price ma crosover & threshold alert indicator for metatrader allows a trader to monitor price action in relation to a defined moving average on any number of mt4 charts.

  when the price closed above or below the ma, the arrow and pop up alerts are intermittent ie sometimes the arrow is shown, sometimes not similarly goes to the pop up alert. View profile view forum posts private message junior member join date feb 2014 posts 10.

Enable mt4 on-screen pop-up alerts - define the period for the fast period moving average enable email alerts - define the period for the slow period moving average pricema proximity alert sound - define the calculation method for both moving averages. Options are simple, exponential, smoothed and linear weighted maximum number of alerts - define the maximum number of alerts allowed.

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Mt4 close when price rosses ma

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