Mt4 candlestick indicator programming

Mt4 candlestick indicator programming

Mt4 candlestick pattern indicator candlestick pattern indicator is a multi-currency and multi-time frame indicator, which identifies the most popular candlestick patterns such as morning star evening star, piercing dark cloud, doji, engulfing,.

My battle station tool acts as a powerful candlestick recognition indicator for mt4. It has the ability to detect popular candlestick pattern formations, and perform various quality control checks aiding in the filtering of poor quality signals.

Candlestick patterns plotted on the mt4 chart the indicator automatically plots the candlestick patterns as and when you change the instrument or the time frame.

  here is a simple code to plot the candlesticks in the ninjatrader or esignal style. After you apply this indicator, change the settings in properties (f8) bar updown, bullbear candle to none and the color scheme. Youll have the candles displayed the way i like the most with the shadows (wicks) black and candle bodies (themselves only) lime and red.

So in order to help you not to miss any of the patterns there is this great candlestick patterns indicator for mt4 which will do just that. Please note that best way to use this candlestick patterns indicator is on 4 hour or daily timeframe.

  for everyone who like to use candlestick analysis for their trading, this little indicator show itself to be very handy little tool in your indicator collection. It automatically scans the charts, no matter on which timeframe you put it on and it will show you exactly where there are specific candlestick pattern formations such as the shooting star, evening star, evening doji star, dark cloud pattern, bearish engulfing pattern etc.

Select chart and timeframe where you want to test the indicator browse custom indicators in your navigator that is located on the left in your metatrader 4 platform.

This custom indicator is useful for those who are interested in candlestick patterns that are often used to signal a trend reversal. The indicator is especially useful in that it will scan up to 14 different currency pairs (including the majors), and on 6 different time frames.

  candlestick patterns indicator for metatrader (mt4mt5) watch later. If playback doesnt begin shortly, try restarting your device.

Our professional team of mql4mt4 programmers is highly qualified and has vast experience in development of sophisticated expert advisors and indicators that help to solve specific tasks of traders.

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Mt4 candlestick indicator programming

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