Mt4 basket close ea

Mt4 basket close ea

  i am a basket trader and i am looking for an ea to close part of the basket. Example lets say i am trading a basket of 10 or 14 pairs and the profit reaches a certain level up 100pips, i now want to close part of the basket lets say half the basket, but half the basket across all pairs, not half the pairs.

And this was for me more placed as an example the method from whroeder for making eas work as well for point or pip notation i am now using in the programs i make if flax 1964 still search for a program that can close all trades same symbol at certain profit then he has one.

Mt4 close all button or panic button is the button on mt4 chart based on mql4 script (mt4 script) which can close all positions with the push of a button. In this article, you can see 4 mql4 scripts and a free download. In this case, the panic button is termed as mql4 close all orders.

To close a position manually, one has to execute the opened position context menu command of the terminal trade window or double-click with the left mouse button on this position. If trade operations for a certain symbol are executed on request, one has first to receive quotes by pressing of the request button.

  the partial close expert advisor for metatrader 4 is a tool that allows forex traders to scale out of their positions at pre-set take profit levels.

The ea is a simple tool for managing the profitability of orders in mt4. Instead, when the combined profitloss on open positions hits a defined target, pl manager closes all the open positions and deletes all pending orders.

Its a break even expert advisor for the free metatrader 4 forex trading platform. This ea allows you to set an amount, in pips, to trigger the ea to move your stop loss to break even, which helps with money management.

Info - testing out another breakeven ea because the previous one i used was giving errors and so i had to give it the flick.

This trailing stop ea for mt4 has been created to help traders manage winning trades and baskets of trades, by trailing the price once it goes in the traders favor. The main idea that led to this auto trailing stop ea was that many traders are not so good at managing winning trades. Even with the bestforex trading strategy, if trade management is done wrong, it can turn a win into a loss.

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Mt4 basket close ea

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