Morgan stanley access direct account

Morgan stanley access direct account

Morgan stanley access direct is your companion brokerage account to shareworks or stockplanconnect. It allows you to integrate your equity proceeds with your everyday financial transactions and offers 0 commissions for certain online trades.

Prices on this page are applicable to the morgan stanley access direct account. Fees may differ across account types and platforms including stockplan connect and shareworks by morgan stanley. 1 some of the fees described are charged by morgan stanley smith barney llc (morgan stanley), while others are charged by third parties.

References to morgan stanley throughout refers to morgan stanley smith barney llc. Morgan stanley is both a registered broker-dealer and investment adviser. Your morgan stanley access investing (msai) account is a discretionary investment advisory account.

Morgan stanley access direct is a self-directed online brokerage account for u. Residents where trading and other account activities are undertaken at the clients sole discretion without access to a financial advisor.

Access investing is a digital platform, so all of your interactions with morgan stanley will be entirely online and through electronic communications. Your morgan stanley access investing account wont be assigned an individual financial advisor or financial advisor team.

Access direct is an online, self-directed brokerage account for us-based stock plan participants. From building an investment portfolio to managing your everyday finances, the morgan stanley access direct account gives you the flexibility to do more with your stock plan proceeds.

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Morgan stanley access direct account

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