Moonlander 2 for sale

Moonlander 2 for sale

The futurebit moonlander 2 is an easy to use, low cost usb litecoin miner designed to introduce new users to the world of cryptocurrencies and mining.

The moonlander 2 is built with the latest generation 28nm scrypt asic at its core, and uses the highest quality voltage controllers and components to ensure stable efficient 247 operation needed for cryptocurrency mining.

The moonlander 2 is built with the latest generation 28nm scrypt asic at its core, and uses the highest quality voltage controllers and components to ensure stable efficient 247 operation needed for cryptocurrency mining. It also features a fully custom designed pin heatsink and fan forced induction cooling solution, which is an industry first for a usb miner, and allows quiet cool operation.

In hand sales for batch 3 are now live with next day 24 hour processing shipment time. Delivery time depends on shipping method selected during checkout.

The futurebit moonlander 2 is an easy to use, low cost usb miner designed to introduce new users to the world of cryptocurrencies and mining.

Futurebit online store, home of the apollo and moonlander 2 usb bitcoin litecoin asic stick miner for scrypt algorithm cryptocurrencies like verge, digibyte, and dogecoin. Start learning about blockchains today, and the technology that powers them! Batch 1 apollo btc pre-order is sold out. Click here to sign up and be notified for batch 2! Close menu.

Model moonlander 2 from futurebit mining scrypt algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 44ths for a power consumption of 2200w.

Shop about retailers news getting started new page shop about retailers news getting started. 7 a (max 200w) our futurebit 200w power supply is limited to 3 ths, 3.

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Moonlander 2 for sale

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