Monexo personal loan reviews

Monexo personal loan reviews

Monexo is a peer-to-peer (p2p) lendingmarketplace that offers personal loans in india. Monexo offers different types of loans, such as first-time loans, loans for salaried professionals, and debt consolidation loans.

As a long-term p2p investor in both europe and the united states, its great to now have monexo bring the same essential levels of security, ease of use, and, especially, attractive returns to my home base of hong kong. I look forward to growing together with monexo well into the future. On the small number of occasions ive had to interact with the staff at monexo, theyve been fabulously responsive and effective.

  the personal loans given by monexo range from 749 (inr 50k) to 7. With the credit card rate in india at 44, monexo is targeting users who are paying this high interest rate.

  it doesnt have any presence on trustpilot and only one review with the bbb, but this is likely due to the fact that the firm has only recently begun operations in america. The company is the largest personal loan marketplace in europe, which suggests that a substantial number of people find its services to be useful and reliable.

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Monexo personal loan reviews

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