Monetha coin review

Monetha coin review

Monetha is a unique solution to ecommerce problems, and as its influence grows it promises to be a disruptor in the space. With monetha trust ratings, customers will be able to make more rapid decisions regarding who they are willing to make purchases from, and they will know that their transactions are secure and protected. Traditional ecommerce platforms cant promise the level of trust and transparency offered by monetha.

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Monetha wants to make a sellers history easily checkable by the user to build trust. The traders prior record serves as a seal of quality, and there is no need for each merchant to be tested for reliance each time a new customer approaches him. Monetha team believes that trust is a rarity today and it can be destroyed too easily. Reputation is another intangible good which the seller can transfer across the platforms with the help of monetha.

This has to be a trustable metric so that consumers on trading platforms that have adopted the monetha system can reliably use its provided trust rating with confidence that it accurately reflects the involved parties. The way monetha has developed their reputation system is much like what is seen on websites like ebay, amazon and trademe. A user can review a transaction, provide a rating and comment if they choose. The reviewed partys over all rating is the average of their total reviews.

Monetha (mth) is a cryptocurrency token and operates on the ethereum platform.

We are developing payments system with a decentralised trust and reputation layer on top of it. Before blockchain that was never possible and those two were separate business models. Monetha is as much centralised and decentralised as tenx, omisego, metalpay, iconomi, bat and many more.

Review moneta markets making it easy for traders to benefit from surge of stockscryptos in 2020. Out of all the things that we werent expecting in 2020, the sudden surge in the stock and crypto markets takes the front seat. It is surprising to see these markets booming like never before, especially when thousands of businesses started to struggle with tens of millions of people left.

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For those who dont know me, my name is andrej and im a co-founder of monetha. Im working closely here with the development team and as justas is busy travelling, im going to replace him in this week in review today. This week, were very excited to announce that binance coin is added to our monethas payment gateway. From now on, merchants are able to accept payments with this coin.

In this video i will show you one coin i think is going to go 1000 this year and its relatively unknown - monethajoin the monetha telegram group here http.

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Monetha coin review

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Monetha coin review

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