Mobius token sale

Mobius token sale

22nov(nov 22)1200 am 08dec(dec 8)1200 am mobius token sale bridge old internet with decentralized internet time november 22 (wednesday) 1200 am - december 8 (friday) 1159 pm.

  - mobius token sale faq - main sale and pre-sale details (medium) - mobius dapp store - mobius api documentation - bounty program (translate, guest post, following) screenshots.

Note that section 15 contains a binding arbitration clause and class action waiver, which, if applicable to you, affect your legal rights. If you do not agree to these terms of sale, do not purchase tokens. (company, we, or us) is subject to these terms of token sale.

540 ath price on investors were able to sell this position with 3.

Mobius is built on top of the stellar network, whose novel consensus model, scp, allows for incredibly fast and near-zero fee transactions.

The public sale will be held on january 18th at 9am pst and approximately 7. The maximum number of mobi one person can purchase will be 25,000 to ensure a decentralized token distribution with as many people participating as possible. The public sale will only accept stellar lumens (xml) as payment for mobi tokens.

Q1-q2 2018 - create mobius test net - r&d off-chain token scaling & accounting - universal governance protocol - phase 1 stealth project poc - dapp stoe hackatons. Q3-q4 2018 - phase i universal proof of stake oracle protocol - phase i blockchain smart markets protocol - phase 2 stealth project poc - enterprise test pilots - dapp store.

Mobius announced thursday that it has raised 39 million in the ico one of the larger recent token sales and the largest by far on the stellar platform.

During november (mobius token sale), you will be able to exchange your crystalballs credits to mobius tokens and more cryptos depending of our funds (likely going to be stellar lumens, dogecoin, bitcoin. Little update now you can see the of updown bets added 1 hour binary game for eth admin 213455 utc 3.).

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Mobius token sale

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