Mk7 gti giac tune

Mk7 gti giac tune

Giac is proud to announce the release of transmission performance software for the 7 speed mk7. This program supports higher torque levels, faster shift speeds in all modes and modified launch and shift points. The drive and sport mode remapping includes more aggressive gear selection and feel, while clutch clamping pressures have been increased in.

  we have available different stages giac tuning program for mk7 gti mqb 2. 0t- stage 1- stage 1- stage 2- is38- big turbodsg software (tcu software)- stage.

Project still on progress, and see what can we do more on this tune. Everything is still within safety limit on this stock engine.

  2017 gti giac stage 1 software on 93 octane with no other modifications. 1 276 whp 2 285 whp (in the video) 3 292 whp (torque numbers are not as accurate.).

Giac is the after-market performance software leader for vw cars. Giac has produced the highest quality performance software for vw vehicles for longer than most other tuners have been in existence. In fact, all giac calibrations for vag cars , whether for a golf , gti , jetta , gli , passat , cc , tiguan , or toureg , reflects the knowledge and rigorous test methodology.

Giac is an engine and transmission controller calibration house, that tunes some of the fastest cars in the world. Giac is a computer engineering firm, with expertise in assembly code, high level programming and circuit design. Who we are giac is a software engineering company with over 20 years experience tuning cars.

  mk7 gti eurodyne stage 2 high torque tune - duration 016.

  mk7 gti jan 11, 2021 17 andrewbens said keep digging lots of failed dkm clutches. Dkm stage three here on vortex xl for 20 thousand miles and zero issues. I know there are others in here running the same clutch with around (and more) power than i with zero issues.

Mk7 gti dsg (camera car)giac stage 2 cts intake cts tbe (catless)fuel 91 octane & 4 gallons e85vsmk7 gti manual eurodyne 8.

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Mk7 gti giac tune

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Mk7 gti giac tune
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