Mining electroneum on android

Mining electroneum on android

Electroneum mobile mining experience is simulated mining and not actual mining that uses the mobile devices computing power to solve blocks on the blockchain. Unfortunately this exciting feature is not yet available on the official electroneum app.

  when electroneum mining, the amount of etn you can mine is going to depend on the kind of hardware you are using. Obviously, any android phone will work, as well as cpus and gpus.

According to richard ells, electroneums ceo, the app does not perform real mining only a simulation of mining. The electroneum app will mine etn based on the cpu capacity of your phone but it wont actually use any cpu power to mining.

Click on the blue button that says start mining to begin mining etn on your mobile phone. Once the miner has accumulated a certain quantity of etn (this could vary from account to account), the etn is then automatically transferred to your etn wallet.

Mining electroneum on a smartphone is fairly straightforward download the app to your device and create an account on the electroneum website (heres a helpful guide). Go to the minertab at the bottom and click the start miningbutton.

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Mining electroneum on android

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Mining electroneum on android
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