Minereum genesis address

Minereum genesis address

Set your genesis address for sale in the minereum v2 decentralized exchange. Upgrade your address to level 2 (mining starts one time fee 0. Upgrade your address to level 3 (mining starts & transfers allowed one time fee 0. Do nothing (your coins wont be mined, nothing will happen) 5.

The genesis address contains locked 32000 mne and some amount of mne is unlocked everyday and available for trade once you upgrade your address to level 3 or you can also sell this address on minereums decentralized website and receive 0.

Simply submit your ethereum address, it will receive a minereum genesis address with 32,000 mne when minereum v2 is launched. The submission will be active until a to be defined date, we will inform on this page some time prior to closing it.

Minereum my address community telegram, twitter, bitcointalk exchanges. If sold the buyer will get the genesis address level 1 without activation to level 2 or 3. Note make sure your address is not set for genesis dex sale. If it is, remove it from sale first before upgrading, otherwise the transaction will fail and.

Whenever genesis address owners upgrade their addresses to level 2 or level 3, the mining process starts. The mining process will run for 100,000,000 ethereum blocks with a reward of 0. 00032 mne per block, this will make the whole mining process run for about 50 years.

Your genesis address is from a brave or metamask wallet (both have a web3 browser extension) if your genesis address is from a bravebrowser wallet or a metamask wallet than you just transfer the needed ether to the wallet. 7 ether is approximately now needed to upgrade your genesis address up to level 3.

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If you buy a genesis address level 1 it will be automatically upgraded to level 3. The buyer address should not have any mne balance, make sure your address total balance is 0 mne. To buy multiple genesis addresses you need multiple ethereum addresses, one for each.

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Minereum genesis address

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