Minecraft more food command

Minecraft more food command

This command adds 10 new foodstuffs and the ability to grow new vegetables! Prepare awes.

  more food mod with only two commands 10 new food recipes.

9 world only one command (custom command)leave a like for more ) dont miss an episode! Httpbit.

  heres a really quick tutorial on how to create and add your own custom foods into the game. You can use this to make any food do anything you want by using.

  my first one command uploaded to this youtube channel!there is a lot of bugs though bugs listmelon and pumpkin seeds work as strawberryblueberry seedscl.

Not a member of pastebin yet? Sign up, it unlocks many cool features! Text 4.

  if you speak english another language help us translate more food so its more available to more people! You can do this by joining our discord to let us know you want to help.

  a minecraft food stand powered with command blocks to make it perfect!this command block-powered food stand has tons of cool features that make it useful and.

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Minecraft more food command

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