Mikrotik pppoe server configuration script

Mikrotik pppoe server configuration script

  follow bellow steps carefully for proper pppoe server configuration in mikrotik router.

You can use this configuration for pppoe server that users get public ip.

This script will configure automatically pppoe server inside your mikrotik box. It will create a single user for test purpose only and will assign him unlimited speed.

  in mikrotik lecture 20 i will talk about in the above point to point protocol over ethernet network diagram, mikrotik router wan port (ether 1) is connected.

  pppoe server is one of the most popular services in mikrotik router. It is popularly used in isp company as well as enterprise office.

Any modification for code below please for pppoe written by rextended. System scheduler add disabledno interval20m namecheck-ppp-client on-eventlog info message start check any ppp client connection r nlocal ppptest value.

In mikrotik, add a radius server for the service ppp radius add serviceppp address192.

  mikrotik pcx complete configuration hotspot and pppoe server part 04mikrotikpchotspotserverpppoeservercover topic 1.

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Mikrotik pppoe server configuration script

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