Metlife usa variable annuity series l

Metlife usa variable annuity series l

Learn about and compare the series l variable annuity from metlife in the free annuity digest product database.

Variable products are issued by metropolitan life insurance company, new york, ny 10166, and are distributed by metlife investors distribution company (member finra).

Expenses of the series l variable annuity, as if the contract had existed during the stated period(s), including all portfolio-level expenses, the mortality & expense and administration charges of 1.

This supplement updates information contained in the prospectus, dated november 22, 2004 for the classseries l - 4 year variable annuity contracts issued by metlife investors insurance company, metlife investors insurance company of california, first metlife investors insurance company and metlife investors usa insurance company (we, us, or our).

And expenses of the series s - l share option variable annuity, as if the contract had existed during the stated period(s), including all portfolio-level expenses, the mortality & expense and administration charges of 1.

Fmli metlife simple solutions variable annuity first mli pioneer prism first mli pioneer prism l primelite iv account for keeps traditional one year brighthouse shield level selector vintage va vintage l vintage xc marquis portfolios primelite iii primelite iv protected equity portfolio (pep) series l series va series xc series c metlife series s sm variable annuity.

According to limra (an insurance and annuities a research institute), metropolitan life insurance company (metlife) ranks in the top six of variable annuity insurance companies sales.

Series l variable investment option performance update metlife insurance company usa series l.

The reliance trust stable value fund metlife series 25053 (the fund (s)) consists of nine underwrite the group annuity contract with the guarantee of principal and interest with respect to the stable value investment fund.

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Metlife usa variable annuity series l

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