Metlife preference premier r class

Metlife preference premier r class

Of the preference premier r class variable annuity, as if the contract had existed during the stated period(s), including all portfolio-level expenses and the separate account charge of 1.

Metlife refers to this as their optional automated investment strategy and there is a choice between 2 approaches to this automated rebalancing. First, with the rebalancer option the contract owner is allowed to select their own asset allocation (including the allocation to the fixed account) and the entire account is then rebalanced on a monthly basis to stay in line with their desired allocation.

Click below to review performance reports and prospectuses in pdf format. Variable products are issued by metropolitan life insurance company, new york, ny 10166, and are distributed by metlife investors distribution company (member finra).

With the preference premier variable annuity and the optional enhanced death benefit rider, mary can capture market gains each year. On each contract anniversary, if the account value exceeds the 5 compounding benefit base, she can lock in the gains by increasing (stepping up) her benefit base (death benefit) to the higher amount.

Preference premier variable annuity - r class - metlife eforms. Com of the preference premier r class variable annuity, as if the contract had existed during the stated period(s), including all portfolio-level expenses and the separate account charge of 1.

With the preference premier variable annuity and the optional gmib plus rider, lisa and carl can capture market gains each year. On each contract anniversary, if the account value exceeds the 5 compounding income base,they can lock in the gains by increasing (stepping up) their income base to the higher amount.

Income payments from the preference plus income advantage variable annuity typically begin within twelve months, which is why metlife labels it an immediate annuity. This annuity is considered a variable because the value of the income payments will vary based on the performance of the investments that you select, resulting in payments that may go up or down.

Go paperless with metlife edelivery! If youre a metlife client, get online access to prospectuses and other information youd otherwise receive by mail.

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Metlife preference premier r class

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