Metalife hard chrome

Metalife hard chrome

  metalifes hard chrome plating has an increased hardness value compared to standard hard chrome, however, retains a remarkable amount of ductility and toughness. Our hard chrome plating will not affect critical tolerances in most cases.

  metalife hard chrome resists attack by almost all organic or inorganic compounds except sulphuric and hydrochloric (muratic) acids. It shows no reaction in 48 hours with seawater, aerated seawater, or aerated rainwater.

Metalife hard chrome firearm plating is applied by a rigidly controlled process to produce a superior degree of adherence and uniformity that is not obtainable with conventional chromium plating.

  mlp hard chrome has many of the physical properties of our hard chrome plating but with the impregnation of our proprietary polymer compound.

Can metalifes tdc or mlp hard chrome be processed more than once? Yes. As long as the area to be plated remains within the required specification our plating can be stripped off and recoated at our plant with a proprietary non-acidic solution. What types of materials can be processed? Almost all metals can be processed with the exception of aluminum, magnesium, titanium and zinc.

  metalife is just another brand name for hard chrome plating as is armoloy. Its one of the few gun finishes thats considered to be a true life time finish.

  another hard chrome plating application is metalifes flash chrome plating. Our flash chrome is a superior surface treatment to standard flash chrome plating. The difference is the improved method of surface preparation and the silver satin finish. Our flash chrome plating will maintain a minimum hardness of 70 rockwell c and a normal build up of 0.

Metalife hard chrome a couple of months ago i bought a ruger 1-s in 338 wm. It had some light rusting on the right side of it and i decided to either have it reblued or hard chromed. Well, the hard chroming won out as it was cheaper and would be more climate resistant (less prone to rusting).

  hard chrome plating & electroless nickel plating, armalloy & gun bluing by mahovskys metalife metalife plating is extremely thin, so any imperfections, even minute ones, will show through.

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Metalife hard chrome

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