Meridian bank gic rates

Meridian bank gic rates

1 to 5 year fixed rate gic registered (rrsp & tfsa) and non-registered.

6 laddered gic strategy bonus rates are the interest rate earned when the investment principal is equally distributed across each of the 1 to 5 year gics. The average rate is calculated by taking the average of the rates for each of the gics, for example 1 year gic at 0.

Tfsa gic rates usd gic rates registered gic rates redeemable gic rates non-redeemable gic rates gic rate terms. 30 day gic rates 60 day gic rates 90 day gic rates 120 day gic rates 180 day gic rates 270 day gic rates long-term. 1 year gic rates 2 year gic rates 3 year gic rates 4 year gic rates 5 year gic rates 6 year gic rates gic providers.

Meridian credit union 1 year gic rate indicated is for non-redeemable short term gics.

Meridian credit union is based in ontario in canada and is one of the largest credit unions in the country. It was founded in 2005 following the merger of two smaller credit unions and now has 65 branches and 1,200 employees. Banking services are available for personal and business customers.

  the meridian 18 month non-redeemable gic is a low-risk savings plan that lets you earn a fixed rate of interest on your investment over a set period of time. 25 higher than what youll earn on a standard savings account, and could be 1 higher than what youll earn on many similar products.

  while 1 year gics purchased directly from meridian are 2.

Meridian credit union is an ontario credit union and offers competitive ontario gic rates starting at 0. Meridian credit union is an ontario cu and is insured by the financial services regulatory authority (fsra).

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Meridian bank gic rates

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Meridian bank gic rates

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