Mercatox coin list

Mercatox coin list

  we consider the first coins from the voting list twice a month with at least 5,000 votes. Voting conditions due to frequent fake votes, we have launched additional checking for free votes. One user have 5 free votes per month, only if the balance of his account have been deposited at least once and have trade txs.

  view all the listed pairs on mercatox along with their trading volume and realtime prices.

  mercatox trade volume and market listings cryptocurrencies 8,848 markets 36,616.

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Mercatox charges a withdrawal fee amounting to somewhere between 0. 005 btc when you withdraw btc, depending upon how fast you need the withdrawal to be confirmed. If you pay more, the transaction will receive a higher priority, and if you pay less, it will receive normal priority and might take a few days.

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Mercatox coin list

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Mercatox coin list

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