Max pain theory zerodha

Max pain theory zerodha

In the never ending list of controversial market theories, the theory of option pain certainly finds a spot. Option pain, or sometimes referred to as max pain has a significant fan following and probably an equal number of people who despise it. Ill be honest ive been in both camps! In the initial days of following option pain, i was never able to make money consistently.

This is again a theory based on the fact that option buyers are retail traders who typically always buy options whereas option writerssellers are professionalsinstitutions who have a higher chance of winning, and typically the professionalsinstitutions will have a higher chance of making profits.

  hello, friends today video concept is max pain theory this is an options data analysts trick for predict future price.

  understanding max pain according to the maximum pain theory, the price of an underlying stock tends to gravitate towards its maximum pain strike pricethe.

Max pain is a garbage idea touted by people who dont know very much about options. Analysis of expiration prices will demonstrate that theres a normal distribution of prices across price. White papers have demonstrated a very minor effect which isnt enough to trade on.

You need to construct a short strangle by selling lower range pe and upper range ce. Exit if the loss is more than 50 of initial credit and if profit is more than 50 of initial credit, put trailing stop loss to the cost.

1 setting the context before we start this module on option strategy, i would like to share with you a behavioral finance article i read couple of years ago.

  max pain theory says a stock has a high chance of expiring at a point where the option sellers will have the least loss and buyers have the maximum loss. Max pain data for singles stocks is unreliable, especially if there are no puts or no calls in the given expiry.

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Max pain theory zerodha

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