Mass effect 1 configuration utility

Mass effect 1 configuration utility

Solved ive installed the game and when i click play the configuration utility comes up, but then a message comes up saying that it has stopped sign in or register english all boards about ahq english.

  how to fix the mass effect configuration utility crash (windows 7) - youtube.

Also to note i have tried accessing the configuration utility both with the uac enabled and disabled and this has no affect. Please note that i also have mass effect 1 and the same problem occurs with its configuration tool as well.

There are two methods, one using the config utility which is the standard way. The other manually copying the completed save files to the right folder, which is probably the simplest and quickest way. Note that only completed mass effect 1 game saves can be imported.

Set the config utility as vista sp1 in the compatibility tab of properties.

Copy the downloaded savegame files from step 1 into this folder. Note you can also run the config utility from your steamapps or origin mass effect 2 binaries directory. -----step 4 click on save games in the left column, then click on copy mass effect 1 save games.

Also download the free content pack bring down the sky that adds an extra 90 minutes of gameplay. Added some infrastructure support for additional downloadable content.

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Mass effect 1 configuration utility

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Mass effect 1 configuration utility

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